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Has CJ McCollum Found His Shot?

Danny and Tara break it all down in the latest installment of the Blazer's Edge Podcast.

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang take a look at the Blazer’s recent run of play, Jusuf Nurkic against top competition, CJ McCollum possibly rounding into form, the never ending Jake Layman v Moe Harkless debate, trade rumors that do and don’t matter and more!


  • 1:44 How Did the Blazers play against two strong centers? Rudy Gobert?
  • 3:00 It was nice to see Nurkic really get after Gobert and the Jazz
  • 4:19 In almost every game you can poinpoint the moment Nurkic “engages”
  • 6:06 Nurkic had a 6X5 against the Jazz if you count turnovers and Fouls
  • 8:04 How did OKC limit the ball going through Jusuf Nurkic? Steven Adams backed off him and said “go ahead and shoot” and cut off his passing lanes.
  • 9:34 State of assists for the Portland Trail Blazers
  • 12:39 Anything to be learned from Phoenix and Atlanta games?
  • 13:46 Atlanta game was a good night for CJ McCollum who has been looking a lot more like himself over the last 10 games.
  • 16:53 CJ has always been able to do a lot of these things but he hasn’t done them because he’s alongside Damian Lillard, for example pick and roll and playmaking.
  • 18:31 How much did CJ’s triple double matter? It was fun being in the arena.
  • 19:29 Vince Carter! The older you get the more stuff you have to wear.
  • 21:28 Harkless vs Layman, who should start?
  • 21:58 Dan’s frustration with Moe is about effort every night. With Jake you know he’s there every night
  • 23:21 Layman is one of those guys who works off screens and almost never stands still. Plus he dunks!
  • 24:25 Moe is more a spot up shooter who runs to his spot and waits.
  • 25:21 Jake is key to the “Warrior-izing” of the Blazer’s offense.
  • 26:31 It is a hard to decide which one is better as a starter because they are so close. The team record with the two of them as starters is basicall the same and their scoring numbers are nearly identical.
  • 28:44 Jake doesn’t get to the line much yet, can he get better at it?
  • 29:40 Moe should probably start but may play fewer minutes
  • 30:12 The good news is there are choices.
  • 30:39 Layman probably has a wider ranges of things he can do offensively. How many guys can go off for 20 points in a quarter.
  • 32:10 What to make of rumors that Portland has shown interest in Memphis’ players either Garrett Temple of JaMychael Green.
  • 34:00 Dan wants “cool guy” deals only.
  • 34:28 Mike Conley would look nice next to LeBron in Los Angeles.
  • 36:42 A trade involving one of these guys would be doing something for the sake of doing something..
  • 37:54 What games are you going to be watching when the Blazers are not playing this week?
  • 40:46 Update on Tara’s pledge to buy a Blazers Edge ticket for every alley-oop in December and January.
  • 41:22 Meyer’s Leonard’s almost dunk over Vince Carter!
  • 42:34 Choosing between Alley-oop dunks and alley-oop layups
  • 44:14 In addition to the weird travel schedule there are also some early games so there may be some Outsiders shows and WHAT meetups in our jammies and slippers.