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Blazers’ Terry Stotts Embraces the Sideline iPad for Designing Plays

NBC Sports Northwest’s Mike Richman speaks with members of the Blazers about Head Coach Terry Stotts’ new sideline iPad.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Trail Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts’ ability to adapt to changes isn’t limited to just the action on the court. According to Mike Richman of NBC Sports Northwest, Stotts has ditched the traditional clipboard in favor of an iPad.

Richman highlighted how a custom program from the team’s basketball applications director, Joe Lee, has enabled the shift. Lee’s program allows Stotts to draw up plays in multiple colors, reverse action, and save plays for future reference.

“I’ve got five different colors. I can clear it right away,” Stotts said, listing the advantages. “I can draw it all up and instead of erasing everything I can just clear the whole thing and start over. I can undo my last action. There’s nothing I miss.”

Zach Collins pointed out that Stotts provided some early laughs after the change, but adapted quickly to the new technology.

“It was kinda funny when he first started using it,” Blazers big man Zach Collins said. “He had to figure it out a little bit. Honestly, he’s way better at it than I thought he would be. It’s worked out well.”

The players seem receptive of the change, as does Stotts. Coaching staffs have been allowed to use updated technology on the sidelines since 2012, but the majority of head coaches still use whiteboards. Time will tell when other coaches will make the shift.