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AVID Students Say Thanks for Trail Blazers Game

Want to know the difference going to a single NBA game can make in the life of students? Read on.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline to send kids in need to see the Portland Trail Blazers face the Brooklyn Nets on Blazer’s Edge Night, 2019 is exactly a month away. Time is ticking and we need your donations to help make the dream of seeing the Blazers play in person a reality for over 2000 Portland children, youth, and chaperones.

You can skip to the bottom of this post for donation instructions, but if you’re still on the fence, we’re going to share some of the “Thank You’s” from last year’s recipients over the next few days.

Today we’ll hear from students at Conestoga Middle School’s AVID program. Here’s a picture of the Thank You cards they sent.

Here’s a sample of the words inside those cards:

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. It’s amazing that a group of people can come together to provide such an amazing opportunity to growing teens. I cannot thank you guys enough for letting me join in on the fun.


Thank you so much for getting tickets for our group. The best part was just getting to be there an hang out with my friends. It was amazing in the nosebleed seats with a clear view. I can’t thank you enough.


I can’t thank you enough for granting us the ability to attend this game. Although I’m scared of heights and was scared the whole time, it was still enjoyable. Thank you.

Love Elysia

I thought it was very thoughtful of you to give us the money for the tickets so we could have a good time watching the Blazers. Glad that the Blazers beat the Kings!

Thank you from Zachary

I really liked the FOOD!


Thank you so much for providing the Conestoga AVID students with the opportunity to see the Blazers play. As a tutor it was so exciting to see the kids experience professional basketball for the first time. Your kindness is appreciated.


I can’t thank you enough. It was my first game ever. Thank you!


I can’t thank you enough for giving us the chance to watch the Blazers game. I just want to tell you it was so fun. I appreciate you being so generous. The best part was the snacks! It was amazing that you supplied us with the seats. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much. I am happy to attend the Blazerz game. It was very thoughtful of you to do that. I hope you won’t stop. I love the Blazzors. Please don’t stop supporting and giving us tickets to the game.


Thank you so much for giving us tickets to let us go watch the game. My favorite part was kid city. It was really fun. I’m moving next year. Can you give me a ticket because I would really love to go again. Thank you so much.


The thing is, that’s 10 out of 23 cards in the picture. And those are 23 lives out of more than 2000 who get touched each year.

When you feel all the love and gratitude coming out of those notes, and then you realize that that’s one half of one percent of the total—less than one tenth of one percent of the kids we’ve sent over the lifetime of this event—

Here’s some good news: we’re farther along this year with one month remaining than we were last year.

Here’s some shaky news: that’s still slightly less than one quarter of the way to our goal.

Here’s some real news: donation requests have gone way up in the last two years and there’s no way we fall short of 2000 people wanting to go. Every year I face this reality as the event approaches. If we don’t make it, those joyful “thank you’s” get counterbalanced by a whole lot of people who are hoping they can go, but we have to say “no” to.

Tickets are not expensive this year. They start at $10. Please, can you help us send one or two or a few kids to Blazer’s Edge Night, 2019? Those joyous experiences start with you.

Here’s how to make a young person’s year change for the better:

To donate tickets to kids for Blazer’s Edge Night against the Nets on 3/25/19:

Click this link or copy/paste into your address bar:

Enter the Promo Code: BLAZERSEDGE

Go through the purchase process just as if you were buying tickets for yourself.

If you order through this link with this code, tickets will be automatically donated and designated at Will Call with your order. No need to do anything else, it’s just that easy!

If you run into difficulty or wish to donate more tickets than the online service will allow, contact our Ticket Representative, Alec Botts, at 503.963.3926.

—Dave / @davedeckard / @blazersedge /