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[Podcast] Are the Trail Blazers Ready for a Trade?

Tara and Dan discuss a popular trade proposal and what the Trail Blazers might be watching for as the deadline approaches. Plus All Star picks, upcoming games and more.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers are coming off of a 2-2 week and Tara and Dan dive into what we learned from the losses and the what we can take away from the wins. How bad was it losing to Denver and Sacramento? Does having only 4 turnovers against the Cleveland Cavaliers really tell us anything? Will Jake Layman average 20 points a quarter from here on out? Will there be someone else playing alongside Nurkic if the Blazers make a move at the trade deadline?

We weigh in on the Ringer’s proposed CJ McCollum-for-Aaron Gordon trade that has gotten so much buzz this week--of course Dan has some thoughts--and then list our choices for the All Star starters. Join us for all this and more.

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1:45 Recapping the week that was. Denver and Sacramento

6:10 Cleveland and New Orleans

7:30 Is this the Nurkic who is going to be there in the future?

8:40 What can we take away from the League’s the lowest turnover game on record? Less bounce passes to seven footers. Damian Lillard continues to get others involved.

12:50 Oral history of the Jake Layman experience against New Orleans

16:10 Jake is fun to watch and he’s got some attitude too.

21:50 CJ McCollum for Aaron Gordon trade proposal

33:10 Is Jake Layman one of the top five guys in the league at running?

34:20 Advantage to Orlando is they have a clear number one guy.

36:40 In the existence of the luxury tax the Blazers have only paid it three times.

38:30 All Star Voting returns

39:10 Who are our picks for the 2019 NBA All Star Game? Western Conference picks first

43:30 Eastern Conference picks

45:25 Let Zion Williamson be in the 2019 NBA All Star Dunk Contest

48:00 What to watch for with Utah and OKC coming up.

49:10 vs Utah, don’t go away from Nurkic.

50:40 Zach Collins alongside Jusuf Nurkic, will we see more of that this road trip?

52:10 Phoenix and Atlanta games

53:00 Casey Holdahl’s laugh

54:30 Outro