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Does Damian Lillard Have the NBA’s Best Signature Shoe?

Nick DePaula of ESPN picks Lillard and Kyrie Irving as the top signature shoes right now.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard has released four versions of his “Dame” signature shoe, often with colors that connect to the Portland Trail Blazers, the city of Portland or pay homage to his roots like Weber State. For the story he tells in his shoes, Nick DePaula of ESPN believes Lillard and Kyrie Irving are at the top of the signature shoe game right now:


DePaula: Man, tough question. Out of the dozen or so guys that have their own shoe, I’d have to go with either Kyrie Irving or Damian Lillard. I like how each guy has been layering in a variety of stories that give different insights into their own background, hobbies or inspirations. The shoes also perform really well, and were worn by a variety of players all around the league.

Last season, I thought PG and Stephen Curry had real strong years with the PG2 and Curry 4 too. I’m always a big fan of lines that can be impactful and tell great stories, while still staying somewhat affordable for their younger fans, and all those guys have been putting out great models at $130 and under.

Lillard has consistently kept his shoes on the affordable end on purpose, wanting to provide a shoe that many can have the chance to wear. You can read more from DePaula on the current sneaker state in the NBA here.