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WHAT Stories Are We Going to Follow This Season?

Tara Bowen-Biggs and guest host Alex Haigh talk the Curry Royal Family, retirement tours and the soul of the Portland bench (now relocated to Brooklyn). Then they are are joined by Jannelle Moore of Golden State of Mind.

On the latest edition of the Women’s Hoops And Talks (WHAT) podcast, Tara and special guest host Alex Haigh talk about the stories they are looking forward to in the upcoming NBA season. From the Eastern Conference Trail Blazers (also known as the Brooklyn Nets) to Wade Baldwin’s loooooong arms, and from retirement tours to all-in-the Curry family fun, there will be something for everyone this year.

Then we invite Jannelle Moore, writer for Golden State of Mind, to tell us what stories to watch for as the Warriors go for their third straight championship. You’d be surprised what is on her mind! While there is plenty of talk about Steph Curry and the rest of the All Stars, there are other interesting stories to keep an eye on this year.

Enjoy this edition of the WHAT podcast! And please, send us your suggestions for a nickname for Seth Curry . . .


:25 Introducing Alex Haigh (@Owlhix)

1:05 How she fell in love with basketball and the Blazers

1:30 Became a fan when tickets were cheap. Favorite player was Rasheed Wallace.

2:06 Twitter has brought a lot of Blazer fans together. Enjoying sports with a virtual crowd.

4:30 Are you superstitious? Wearing the same clothes, closing eyes during free throws, doing weird finger gestures during opponent free throws

5:10 New free throw routine: what if the Moda center crowd went dead silent when opponents shoot free throws? Wouldn’t that be harder?

6:45 Stories we’re watching for this season

7:00 Alex will be watching the Eastern Conference Blazers aka, the Brooklyn Nets who took the heart and soul of the Blazers’ bench. How will the ex-Blazers do?

9:15 Will you actively follow another team? Will you get on their blogs to read about Ed and Shabazz?

10:45 About Wade Baldwin: a guy with long arms and big hands and knows how to use them has a really high ceiling.

12:00 Team Mom is excited for Seth Curry: what will it be like to have a member of one of basketball’s royal families on the team?

12:30 And by the way, can we please come up with a nickname for Seth Curry ASAP?

14:20 Will he bring that little brother that has to fight harder to not be overlooked mentality?

15:05 What would you do if someone gave you a women’s locker room for a wedding present?

15:40 How high will the tension be between the Blazers and the Clippers this season?

16:25 Who will the Blazers have the biggest beef with this season?

19:00 We’re getting a retirement tour this season! Dwyane Wade is retiring and we’re hoping it kicks off a tradition of tribute videos and parting gifts.

20:50 Retirement often makes it okay to appreciate someone who you didn’t like while they were in the league. You get to know more about them and can separate out how they played against your favorite team from what they accomplished and contributed to the game.

24:30 It is nice to talk to people who follow other teams because you learn about more than just the big stars and the big storylines.

26:30 Welcome Jannelle Moore of Golden State of Mind to the Champions edition of the WHAT podcast (regular champions and Summer League Champions)

27:00 What are the stories Jannelle is watching with regards to the Warriors this season: Will Patrick McCaw show up for training camp? He is a RFA and still hasn’t signed.

29:15 Who will fill in at center while Demarcus Cousins rehabilitates, Kevon Looney or Jordan Bell? What is the job description of a Golden State Warrior center? Playmake a little bit off the block and switch.

31:00 Does Steve Kerr really have to work hard to make sure players don’t get bored?

31:50 Does it get boring to be a fan of a team that wins so much?

32:45 What will the Warriors do about their roster after the season? Who will leave?

33:45 On Klay, if he will move on. Jannelle doesn’t think so because he said he wants to be a Warrior for his whole career. Alex and Tara remember getting burned by a player who said that.

36:00 Draymond likely to reject an extension but that is just playing it smart.

37:00 On Jannelle’s series, No More Lies: storylines that need to end about the Warriors. Stop saying the Warriors got Kevin Durant based on their collapse in the finals. That plan was in place well before.

38:30 Another story to retire: is it Steph Curry’s team or Durant’s team? Even Kevin Durant says it’s Steph’s team.

40:20 Stop finding reasons to minimize Steph’s accomplishments. What he has accomplished--and at his size and stature--is remarkable.

41:30 About Seth Curry: he’s a great shooter. Yes he has been around and had a lot of 10-day contracts. He was underused in Sacramento. He had a great run at Dallas before he got injured.

42:45 Seth can have a great year if he is used frequently and in the right way. He will be nice playing off of CJ.

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