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Allen Crabbe: “Would Have Agreed to Minimum Deal” with Portland

The former Blazers shooting guard talked to Nets Daily about his offseason workouts, recruiting former Blazers, and more.

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

When Allen Crabbe received a four year/$75 million offer from the Brooklyn Nets in 2016, it turned a lot of heads, including Crabbe’s. In a new interview with Nets Daily, Crabbe says that he never expected to receive such a massive deal, and that he would have returned to the Portland Trail Blazers for the minimum:

Crabbe also talked about how the Nets four-year, $75 million offer sheet in July 2016 blew him away. So, too, did the team’s continuing interest that led to Brooklyn acquiring him in a trade for Andrew Nicholson a year later. Crabbe said he was happy in Portland, claiming he would have agreed to a minimum contract. Then, the Nets came calling.

“Brooklyn called and told me the offer. I was shocked. I was definitely shocked,” Crabbe admitted. “It showed that an organization was really interested in me. You couldn’t pass that up. Signing that offer sheet was rally a no-brainer. Of course, Portland matched that, but for Brooklyn to still be there a year later it showed a lot.”

He also said he had the final “say-so” on the trade because for it to go through, he had to agree to waive a $5 million trade kicker.

In his first season with the Nets, the 26 year old Crabbe averaged 13.2 points per game and shot 38 percent from behind the 3-point line. He is in the third year of his four-year deal.