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Blazers Ranked No. 10 in Western Conference Power Rankings

John Schuhmann of thinks Portland’s offseason has set them back.

NBA: Playoffs-New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers will continue to hear about their offseason moves from national pundits, with many ranking them towards the bottom in terms of their offseason decisions. John Schuhmann of reflected on Portland’s lacking offseason moves in his Western Conference Power Rankings, placing them No. 10:

Key addition(s): Questions about the long-term viability of the backcourt
Key departure(s): Quality depth
Key question: How can this team get better?

It’s weird to think that last season’s No. 3 seed has to improve to stay in the playoffs, but that may be the case with the Blazers, who finished just three games ahead of the ninth-place Nuggets, got waxed in the first round, and lost three of their top four reserves in free agency.

Schuhmann points to two beacons of hope: second-year big man Zach Collins furthering his development and Seth Curry returning to pre-injury form -- even if Curry returns to form, however, a long-term future with the Blazers doesn’t look likely.

Portland is nestled between the Spurs (No. 9) and Grizzlies (No. 11). The Lakers (No. 8) and Nuggets (No. 6) are two playoff teams in Schuhmann’s rankings who missed the playoffs last season.