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Eggers Explores the Gary Trent Connection for Trail Blazers

When Duke wing Gary Trent Jr suits up for the Blazers this fall, he’ll be following in his father’s footsteps.

Gary Trent

Gary Trent Jr. won’t be the first draft pick to suit up for the Portland Trail Blazers when the 2018-19 NBA season commences this October. Frankly, he won’t even be the first Gary Trent. As most people know, Trent’s father, Gary Trent Sr., played in Portland from 1995 to 1998 before departing for Toronto in the famous deal that brought Damon Stoudamire to the Rose City.

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune profiled the relationship between father and son this week in an extensive article explaining how Trent Sr. prepped his progeny for the NBA.

Eggers relays that Dad was careful to put his son through the correct drills:

We’ve done a lot of speed training. That was around when I was younger, but it’s a science today. You can customize your body. It’s much more high-tech. Gary’s body needs to be lean, long and quick to play in the current (NBA) game.

When (Gary Jr.) was younger, I always incorporated plyometrics — situps, pushups, jumping jacks, bear crawls, lunges. You do everything you can do to strengthen your body without weights.

Trent Sr. has a measured outlook on Jr.’s rookie prospects:

He’ll do great,” he says. “He’ll take his lumps, just like all rookies. There will be some days where he’ll take advantage of his opportunities. He will always be a hard worker. As long as you do that, you can sleep at night.

But he has high hopes for long-term development.

My son has a chance to put his stamp on the game,” he says. “I look at some of the guys in the NBA and where they were at 19, guys like Redick, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Devin Booker.

(Gary Jr.) is ahead of some of those guys at that age as far as shooting.

Eggers has much, much more. The piece is well worth a read.