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CJ McCollum and Kevin Durant Win “Best New Beef”

Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports hands out offseason awards.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The feud between CJ McCollum and Kevin Durant sparked on Twitter will likely be rehashed all offseason long, but the two exchanging Twitter barbs and chopping it up on a podcast is all relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things. It became a talking point as the exchange came out of nowhere and involved two upper-level competitors.

The two’s mini-feud, which McCollum says is nothing, took home the “Best new beef” in offseason awards by Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports:

Kevin Durant says he’s being his true self as a member of the Warriors, and his true self sure loves to talk trash. The two-time Finals MVP made headlines by going on CJ McCollum’s podcast and proceeding to rip the host and his Trail Blazers, flat-out telling McCollum that his team has no chance to win the title next season. Once that clip made the rounds, McCollum likened Durant joining the Warriors to a gang member joining a rival gang on Twitter, and KD wasn’t about to let that slide.

In a recent trailer for the upcoming NBA 2K19 video game, Durant can be seen blocking a shot by McCollum, possibly taking inspiration from their exchange.