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Blazer’s Edge Thanks David MacKay

A long-time author and editor moves on.

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Today Blazer’s Edge bids farewell to long-time author and editor David MacKay. David has been on staff here since 2015. He was our on-site reporter for most of those years. Plus he’s served as editor for our news department, making sure you get Blazers information in a timely manner. David signed on with USA Today earlier this year and, to nobody’s surprise, has been prospering there. We wish David the best and thank him for all his hard work on behalf of this community over the years.

David’s own words are below. Best of luck from all of Blazer’s Edge, my friend!

—Dave Deckard


Hey, everyone. You may have noticed that I haven’t contributed regularly for the last few months, as I had been the last few years. This is because I’ve been contributing to the USA Today SMG NBA wire sites and my efforts have been more focused there. I recently took on a larger role, which means my efforts will soon be entirely focused there and, well, that means I won’t be writing here anymore.

Now, this isn’t intended to be a drawn-out farewell speech, but Dave was nice enough to let me write you one last time before completing the transition. I’d like to thank you all for being a part of this really special community, for supporting me, reading me, arguing with me, and for continuing to do so with the fine staff of contributors here that I will dearly miss working with.

I’m still around if you’d like to talk Blazers or basketball or life, for that matter; just find me in the Twittersphere. I’ll be sure to join the conversation here on Blazer’s Edge from time to time, too. Is Eric Jr. an available username?

Anyway, thanks for making my time here memorable.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

-- David