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Kevin Durant Grills CJ McCollum on the Blazers, DeMarcus Cousins vs. Jusuf Nurkic

“You know you guys aren’t going to win a championship,” Durant says to McCollum on his “Pull Up” podcast.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is coming off a championship run that faced little competition (again), save for a Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets plagued by injuries on both sides. So it’s no wonder he’s riding high, and even looking down on teams like the Portland Trail Blazers. Durant joined CJ McCollum on his “Pull Up” podcast, and Durant poked fun at Portland’s championship chances:

Durant: Why are you mad about [DeMarcus Cousins and Durant signing with the Warriors]?

McCollum: Bruh I’m in the league, what do you mean why am I mad about this stuff? I’m in the Western Conference, I gotta play you MFers all the time anyways as it is. Over and over again we got eliminated by y’all a few times in the first round. So I’m looking at Cuz (Cousins)—

[Durant jumps in]

KD: You know, you know you guys aren’t going to win a championship.

CJM: Bro we have the team—

[Durant starts to laugh]

CJM: —we have the capabilities, anything is possible; we can win a championship bruh.

Talk transitoned into DeMarcus Cousins-to-Portland rumors, and a mention of current Blazers starting center Jusuf Nurkic:

KD: You wanted him (Cousins) to come to Portland?

CJM: Bruh I think that anything is possible. I’m just saying, man, you trying to get me in trouble. I’m happy with Nurk—

[Durant speaks up in the background]

KD: Yeah okay.

CJM: —Nurk’s a great big man for us, Nurk’s playing well.

McCollum ends that discussion by saying it wasn’t an either-or scenario with Cousins and Nurkic, he wanted both of them on the team.

It’s worth noting that McCollum never comes off as irritated by Durant’s comments, rather they’re just two friends chopping it up; it comes off as a peek into what NBA players talk about when the cameras (or mics, in this case) are not rolling.

You can listen to the whole clip from the “Pull Up” podcast here: