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Andre Drummond Wants to Collaborate With Damian Lillard on a Rap Song

Drummond also mentions Iman Shumpert, Kevin Durant and Victor Oladipo.

JBL Fest 2017 - Poolside: Sounds of Summer Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for JBL

Damian Lillard has found a way to not only become an NBA superstar, but also record two studio rap albums with the likes of Lil Wayne and Jamie Foxx. When he’s not finishing fourth in MVP voting, he’s being regarded as one of the top rappers in the NBA. Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond recognizes this, naming Lillard as one of the NBA’s artists he’d like to make a song with, courtesy of video from TMZ Sports:

“Between myself, Iman Shumpert, Dame Lillard, you know Kevin Durant raps ... Victor Oladipo is another artist that does music in the NBA too!”

Drummond didn’t pick a favorite of the group, rather highlighting what all do well:

”Depends on what type of music you like. Everybody does their own style of music. Like I do more pop, rap and R&B. Dame does the storybook rap, talking-about-his-life rap.”