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Jason Quick Reportedly Leaving NBC Sports Northwest

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune details major changes coming to NBCSNW.


Experienced journalist and Portland Trail Blazers insider Jason Quick is reportedly leaving NBC Sports Northwest at the end of the month, according to Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune. Quick joined then-CSNNW in 2015 to cover the Blazers.

Mead declined comment on the status of Quick, who has been NBCSNW’s chief Trail Blazers reporter for the past two years after leaving The Oregonian, where he worked for 21 years.

“Jason Quick is under contract, and he is our Blazers insider,” was all Mead would say.

Not for long, sources tell The Tribune, saying Quick is expected to work only until the end of the month. Quick’s departure may have been a mutual decision, involving a differing philosophy about how the team should be covered.

You can read more from Eggers about changes coming to NBC Sports Northwest here.