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Simmons: Carmelo Anthony Could Be Good for Trail Blazers

The popular national figure suggests that Melo to Portland shouldn’t be a dead topic.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz - Game Three Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony, one of the big prizes in the 2017 NBA free agency sweepstakes, will almost certainly not be staying with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The 34 year old is past the peak of his powers, but he was expected to put up more than 16.2 points per game he showed last season. In the final year of his contract, Anthony will make $27,928,140 in the upcoming season.

In spite of his high salary and relatively low production last year, Anthony is not without possible destinations. Houston in particular has been mentioned as having serious interest, with Chicago also getting some attention. The Thunder are expected to trade him to a team which will then stretch his contract, allowing Anthony to sign anywhere he wishes for a veteran’s minimum salary.

In the midst of the ‘Melo circus, Bill Simmons has thrown the Portland Trail Blazers into the mix, if only speculatively.

Chances are that Anthony will end up in Houston. Still, if you were Neil Olshey and the opportunity was there, would you take a chance on Anthony?