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Predicting What Contracts the Blazers’ Free Agents Will Sign

The Dunc’d On podcast’s annual mock offseason predicts the contracts for Portland’s free-agent quartet.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

At the stroke of midnight on July 1, Portland Trail Blazers free agents Jusuf Nurkic and Ed Davis will step into the NBA Free Agency frenzy. Whether they return to the Blazers will depend on various monetary and basketball factors.

This week, the Dunc’d On podcast — run by cap experts Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux and joined by Kevin Pelton of ESPN and Dan Feldman of NBC — posted its annual mock offseason.

Throughout Part 2 (all Portland transactions are discussed in this section) Duncan, acting as Jusuf Nurkic’s agent, continues to put off discussions with the Blazers as he believes the Blazers will be low-balling him.

As a result, Duncan eventually accepts Nurkic’s $4.75 million Qualifying Offer (discussed 2.25 hours into the podcast) to return for next season:

“I’ve got plenty of time, I’m just gonna wait. We’ll see, we can go into the season if we have to, if you’re not gonna give me a real offer Portland.”

“We’ll see how well you do without me, see how good your defense looks without me.”

Roughly 54 minutes into the show, both the Blazers and Ed Davis quickly agree to a one-year, $5 million deal with Duncan promptly saying “sold ... next” after being proposed the offer:

“I’ll come back, you’ll still have Bird Rights for me next year at 29. I mean there’s just nothing else out there, that’s what Aron Baynes got last year so I’m happy with that.”

And 1.19 hours into the podcast, Duncan addresses Pat Connaughton’s and Shabazz Napier’s pending free agencies respectively, but those matters have already been decided as the Blazers have opted to forego qualifying offers to their guards.

You can find the full Dunc’d On podcast here: