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Trail Blazers Trio Among NBA Free Agency’s 50 Best Available

Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports ranks the top 50 free agents, with Jusuf Nurkic, Ed Davis, and Shabazz Napier making the list.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Free Agency is kicks off July 1, and the Portland Trail Blazers have a trio of players in Jusuf Nurkic, Ed Davis, and Shabazz Napier who are set for new contracts -- Nurkic and Napier are expected to become restricted free agents along with Pat Connaughton, while Davis will be unrestricted. With free agency approaching, Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports ranked the 50 best available players, and some familiar names make the list.

Shabazz Napier appears at No. 48:

Backing up Damian Lillard for most of the season, Napier showed strong playmaking and scoring ability as he doubled his career highs in both points and minutes per game. He’ll make a solid backup for another team if the Blazers choose not to match the offer.

Ed Davis comes in at No. 43:

The 6-10 ball of energy is an elite rebounder off the bench, particularly on the offensive end. Teams are always in the market for a player who can get them second shots, so Davis should field some decent offers despite his offensive limitations.

And Jusuf Nurkic, Portland’s big free-agent fish, is ranked No. 17:

Nurkic set the world on fire when he came over to Portland at the trade deadline two seasons ago, but last year can only be characterized as a disappointment for the 7-footer. He can still defend and has his moments offensively, but the market has waned for Nurkic given his slow foot speed in the modern NBA.

You can read Ward-Henninger’s full free agent rankings here.