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Portland’s Public Basketball Courts Set to Recieve Major Makeover

The Trail Blazers and Nike have together donated over $1 million dollars to revitalize basketball courts at 30 different public parks in Portland.

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Portland outdoor basketball players can keep an eye out for significant improvements to 100 different courts across 30 different Portland public parks in the coming months. The Portland Trail Blazers and Nike recently announced they have contributed over $1 million dollars to give many public courts in the Portland Metro area a much-needed upgrade.

Per a press release from Portland Parks & Recreation:

Up to 100 courts across Portland will be repaired and refreshed with new paint and a new design featuring the name of the park. The backboards will also be redesigned with the name of the park’s quadrant. Repairs to the court surface and replacement of backboards and hoops will take place as needed.

An anticipated reveal of the renewed court and backboard design is planned for late summer 2018, with individual court completions taking place from fall 2018 through fall 2019. Nike and the Trail Blazers have selected Verde—an Oregon nonprofit organization that serves communities by building environmental wealth through social enterprise, outreach and advocacy—to receive and manage the grant funds. Their social enterprise program Verde Builds will serve as the general contractor for the project.

For a complete list of the courts set to be refurbished, visit here.

What’s your go-to outdoor court to shoot hoops in the city? Let us know in the comments!