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Profiling Trail Blazers 2018 NBA Draft Pick Anfernee Simons

Buddy Collings of the Orlando Sentinel profiles Portland’s newest draft pick.

Anfernee Simons became the Portland Trail Blazers’ newest tantalizing project when they selected him 24th in the 2018 NBA Draft. The 6’3 guard came out of IMG Academy instead of the traditional college path, leading to a fair amount of mystery surrounding him and his game. Buddy Collings of the Orlando Sentinel has done a fair job de-mystifying Simons’ journey, profiling his journey through and past high school in Florida.

Collings quotes Edgewater High coach Jason Atherton on Simons:

“He’s a steal,” said Atherton said. “If he’d gone to college he’d be a top 10 pick next year. That’s what they’re getting.”

Atherton vouches strongly for Simons’ work ethic.

“If Ant went 10-for-11 (on shot attempts) and scored 30 in a game, he’s not going out celebrating. He’s in the gym for three hours ‘cuz he’s mad he missed a shot,” Atherton said.

Collings’ piece also follows Simons and his circle through Draft Night, 2018.

Our own Steve Dewald will take a detailed look at Simons’ IMG year tomorrow morning.