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Rumor Mill: LeBron to LA? Anderson and Young available?

Now that the Finals are over, attention turns to potential trades and free agency rumors.

Los Angeles Lakers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

We’re three days into the NBA offseason, and while free agency doesn’t officially kick off until July 1, the rumor mill is churning information for fans to glob on to. Today on the rumor mill:

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski started the day off with what can be considered a hint at a mini bomb when he dropped this news.

While no transaction actually took place, Thaddeus Young’s departure from Indiana could be an interesting potential wrinkle in the free agent market this year.

Also on the rumor mill, your daily dosage of “where is Lebron James headed?” HoopsHype Bryan Kalbrosky was told by Gary Payton that LeBron James is enrolling his kids in a high school in Los Angeles.

This news is not yet confirmed, and not necessarily an indicator of anything. Lets hope it’s not, anyway.

The Houston Rockets have made their intentions very clear that they would prefer to part ways with forward Ryan Anderson. According to Kelly Iko of RocketsWire, moving the 6’10” power forward is a top priority for the Rockets:

According to two people with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking, the team’s general manager Daryl Morey is intent on moving Anderson in a trade. One person said the Rockets could pursue buyout options if no such agreement is met.

Anderson fell out of the Rockets rotation late in the season and his 2 years and $42.6 million left on his contract is a burden on a Houston cap sheet desperate to make a splash in free agency. It would more than likely require the Rockets to add incentives, such as draft picks, to any team willing to take on Anderson’s contract.