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Talking NBA Playoffs and Twitter with Whitney Medworth of SB Nation

The Women’s Hoops and Talk Podcast tackles the Trail Blazers playoff run, the off-season, NBA social media, and more!

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers may be out of the playoffs but there is still plenty to talk about on the Women’s Hoops and Talks podcast! Join Tara and Kendyl to talk about what lies in store for the Blazers and meet the woman behind one of the most entertaining NBA Twitter accounts, @its_whitney.

Tara and Kendyl put the 2017-18 season behind them and start talking about the future. What lies in store for the team? What are the off season goals? When is it too late to add something new to your game? What will the summer bring?

We also check in on the playoffs and hope that LeBron makes it to the finals.

Then, Whitney Medworth of SB Nation joins the podcast to talk about the world of NBA social media, favorite non-basketball stories of the season, and chasing down players at All Star weekend to ask them who they would pick to be on their bobsled team?


1:00 What happened to the Trail Blazers in the first round?

3:00 Off season goals.

5:00 Is Zach Collins ready to start?

6:30 Is Ed Davis the new Brian Grant in terms of fan appreciation? Importance of having veterans on the roster.

11:50 What are you most excited about?

13:20 Last summer was too quiet, but something must happen this summer. Will it be exciting or a whole lot of nothing?

15:20 Stretching players is worse than unexciting, its anti-exciting.

16:00 Aminu is so valuable and his salary is actually going down next year.

15:00 Toronto vs Cavs and please let there never be a playoff round without LeBron.

20:30 A little bit about the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Utah Jazz Series

24:15 Trading Evan Turner and Moe Harkless to OKC for Carmelo Anthony, who we let start. Jake Layman as backup (ok, it was getting late . . . )

28:00 Whitney Medworth on fan perspective

29:00 Checking in on how the Pacers season went

33:22 From sports management to event management to social engagement

35:12 Winning free tickets to Pacers games by being all in on Danny Granger

38:00 Running and coordinating social media for SB Nation during the season

41:40 The NBA never stops

43:00 NBA B-Sides column

46:30 Did a truck crashing into Evan Turner’s pool make it into a B-Sides column?

48:00 For those who are not yet into it, how would you suggest people get started with Twitter?

49:24 Going to the All Star Game as a media member

52:00 Get excited about the new, young players in the league

52:45 Will older players ever be more like elder statesmen laying the groundwork for the rising stars?

55:10 What will happen with LeBron, Paul George and other free agents this summer?

58:00 A woman Whitney admires is WNBA player and studio analyst Candace Parker.

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Music used in the episode: “Happy Alley” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License