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What Would the Utah Jazz Do for the Trail Blazers’ Draft Pick?

If Portland were to throw in the 24th pick in the NBA Draft as a sweetener, could they get a deal done with Utah?

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Every year during the NBA Draft, multiple teams trade players and picks, creating a frenzied atmosphere unmatched by all but the biggest days of free agency in July. Our friends at sister site SLC Dunk are well aware of this, so they’re posing a question to SBNation NBA Editors regarding perceived value of draft picks in 2018. Rather than hog all the glory, we’re going to throw the question to Blazer’s Edge readers for discussion. Here’s the premise:

Mychal from SLC Dunk here. Every year we hear our respective fan bases overvalue their own players and picks and devalue other team’s players and picks when they hypothesize about possible Draft trades. We wanted to compile a list for our site of what each team believes their pick is worth. But we wanted to do it in the currency of Jazz. So we’re asking a BIG favor. We’d like your help in assessing what your draft pick is worth.

Select what you’d expect to come back in a trade with Utah for your pick and what Utah would have to take on (salary, terrible deals, Evan Turner). Our goal is to have a full list of what it’d take for Utah to move up or down in this draft.

It doesn’t matter if it’s taking on additional salary or giving up Donovan Mitchell. Please keep it as realistic as possible. Less of a dream board and more what the pick’s realistic value is to the team.

So...the Trail Blazers can’t get Rudy Gobert for the 24th pick. What kind of deal would you like to work out with Utah? Apparently the pick doesn’t have to encompass the whole of Portland’s offer...other players can change hands. Make your best suggestions in the comments!