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Trail Blazers Face Playoffs, Expectations, and Injuries All at Once

The Blazer’s Edge Podcast welcomes Sean Highkin and Dave DuFour to discuss Portland’s playoff hopes, injury recovery, and Zach Collins’ expectation curve.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Danny Marang is joined by two guests, former Chicago Bulls beat reporter, Portland Trail Blazers fan and all around good guy Sean Highkin as well as the illustrious Dave DuFour, host of “On the NBA with Dave DuFour.” It’s a little different this time around as they’re all in the same room and it’s a roundtable discussion at a rectangular table where the topics range from; reviewing the Trail Blazers v Spurs game, the return of Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum struggling with efficiency, locking up the 3-seed, rating the confidence level on the Blazers, playoff Jusuf Nurkic, properly rating Zach Collins and more!


  • Intro
  • Guest hosts
  • Reviewing Spurs v Blazers
  • Sean Highkin is dead inside
  • How important was that Spurs game
  • How do you balance resting Dame and going after the 3 seed
  • How the Lakers are still finding ways to do Laker things
  • Damian Lillard returns
  • Ramping up Lillard for the playoffs
  • Winning the first series
  • Is there a good match up for the Blazers
  • When will Harkless return
  • Managing injury expectations
  • Kawhi Leonard example
  • Players returning from injuries and the inherent risk management
  • CJ McCollum’s struggles over the last 10 games
  • How important it is to get to the free throw line
  • Getting Dame and CJ on track at the same time
  • How confident are you in this team right now
  • MVP Dame
  • Why are we still wondering who the 3rd option is
  • How likely are the Blazers to get the 3-seed
  • Hot take alert- playoff Nurkic will be a thing
  • Coach of the Year votes
  • Player-coach relationships
  • The coaching carousel
  • Do the Blazers have to win a first round series
  • The next step in the team building process
  • If Portland fails to advance what does that mean
  • Rick Kamla tweet reaction
  • Is Zach Collins overrated
  • Who do the Blazers want to avoid in the first round
  • Closing comments
  • Outro