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Quick: Blazers Remain Confident With Home-Court Advantage in Reach

The Blazers have dropped three games in a row, but the team isn’t worrying.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers lost their third straight game Saturday night against the San Antonio Spurs, a game that would’ve clinched home-court advantage in the NBA Playoffs with a win. Portland’s losing streak was kicked off by a very questionable loss against the Dallas Mavericks, one the Blazers sure wish they’d have back now.

Home-court advantage and the No. 3 seed are still theirs to lose, but if they keep their level of play up they might do just that. Still, as Jason Quick of NBC Sports Northwest details, the team isn’t panicking.

Shabazz Napier admits the team has lacked lately, even despite losing Maurice Harkless and Ed Davis:

“Me and Chief were talking, and it’s kind of funny … we were saying we are lucky we won 13 in a row the way we’ve been playing,’’ Napier said. “Granted we’ve had some injuries, but we haven’t been playing as well as we should have.’’

CJ McCollum is quick to accept where the Blazers are, and he doesn’t show worry:

“We’re good,’’ CJ McCollum said. “If you would have told me we have 48 wins and two games left and chance to finish in third place, I would have told you I would take it.’’

Napier embraces the opportunity to close out with a top finish in the West:

“The good thing about it is we have two more games,’’ Napier said. “And we can use those games as a way to go into the playoffs with some moxie for us.’’

The Blazers play the Denver Nuggets on Monday before ending the season on Wednesday against the Utah Jazz; the latter game looms large with the No. 4 seed Jazz (46-33) chasing the No. 3 seed Blazers (48-32).