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ESPN Honors Jerome Kersey With Video Tribute

After his untimely death, Blazer legend Jerome Kersey still had an impact on countless lives.

Jerome Kersey shoots a layup

More than three years after his untimely passing, ESPN has released a tribute video to Portland Trail Blazers legend Jerome Kersey.

The video discusses Kersey’s time in Portland, his friendship with Terry Porter, and reveals that his decision to be an organ donor saved or enhanced the lives of multiple people. According to the video, Kersey’s organ donation saved the lives of several children who were severe burn victims. ‘Donate Life Northwest’ Executive Director Leslie Brock had this to add:

“He was also able to donate his corneas, and through a unique and ground-breaking procedure he was able to help four more people see.”

Kersey unexpectedly passed away in February, 2015 due to a blood clot issue at the age of 52.