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What We’ll Remember About the ‘17-’18 Trail Blazers

The season is over, but it made lingering impressions.

Portland Trail Blazers v New Orleans Pelicans - Game Three Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers’ season ended yesterday with a 131-123 loss to Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. Despite the recent memories of Davis dunks and Jrue Holiday jumpers burning in our brains, the season encompassed far more than just a four-game playoff sweep. While we’re waiting for exit interviews to roll out, here are the memories that Blazer’s Edge staffers will carry away from the 2017-18 Blazers season. Share yours with us in the comments!

Paul Navarre @paulnavarre

The thing I am going to remember about this year’s team is the bad quarter. Every game had one it seems.

Adrian Bernecich @abernecich

I will remember watching Zach Collins with a sense of hope, a 13-game win streak and a Pelicans team that wanted it more.

Ryne Buchanan @ryne_buchanan

A season of incredible peaks and valleys.

Brian Freeman @BrianFreeman24

I’m currently hoping I’ll forget this season. But If I remember it, it will be the season that the Blazers were the 3 seed in a loaded Western Conference and sellers at the trade deadline

Eric Griffith @EricG_NBA

The season somehow made me think of a failed Meyers Leonard and Maurice Harkless for Ryan Anderson trade as a missed opportunity. Talk about a kick to the ⚾⚽ . Also this:

Timmay @pdxTimmay

[This response has been deleted due to multiple violations of the Blazer’s Edge conversational guidelines.]

Steve Dewald @SteveDHoops

The uneventful offseason that cascaded into a relatively silent trade deadline. Perhaps missing out on Carmelo Anthony wasn’t such a bad thing.

Danny Marang @DMarang

Considering how Damian Lillard was taken away in the playoffs this will sound a bit crazy. But, Lillard finding another gear and elevating to an MVP level not seen since peak Brandon Roy or Clyde Drexler. Then, how quickly that was snuffed out by a better team in the Pelicans. That hurts.

Perry Waggoner @perrywaggoner

Every time I watch Titanic, I hope the ship doesn’t hit the iceberg and sink. It always does. I’ll remember this year as yet another Titanic-esque season for the Trail Blazers.

Ryan A. Sterling @Chase_BlazEdge

I’ll remember the Blazers going from underrated to overrated in a matter of thirty days. I’ll remember the puzzling draft decisions, the puzzling trade deadline, and the puzzling lack of three-point shooting over the final month. Hard to swallow.

Isaiah De los Santos @_idelossantos

I’ll remember Damian Lillard being Damian Lillard, and how fun he made this team in January/February/March.

Peter Sampson @PeterSampson

I’ll remember this team for all of the gimme wins that they dropped early in the season, and then the 13 game winning streak that got all of Portland back on board with the Blazers. It may have been a mirage, but that was a fun ride. Oh, also that Ed Davis was back to flexing on fools.

Dave Deckard @DaveDeckard

I’ll remember this season most for looking at the salary cap ledger multiple times, trying to figure out how this was going to all fit together, watching it go to heck in the first part of the year, then coming up for one last breath of air during that 13-game win streak. This is the year the Blazers had to prove it. It’s hard to know if they almost did or if that was another bout of wishful thinking. In the end, if you have to ask that question, I guess you have your answer.

What will you remember this season for most? Share in the comment section!