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Video: Ed Davis Scores Vice Dunk of the Week

Trail Blazers big man Ed Davis gave a bright spot for the Portland faithful with a dunk that would not be denied.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Over the three games of their playoff series versus the New Orleans Pelicans, it has been difficult to find bright spots for the Portland Trail Blazers. Center Ed Davis gave one with a mighty dunk during Game 1 of the series last Saturday night. Corbin Smith of Vice Sports awarded Davis the Dunk of the Week primarily for the sheer effort.

He snags one of the 13 boards he had in 20 minutes of action, using his good hands and a purity of will to cut through the chaos of being surrounded by three Pelicans. He grips the ball with two hands, makes a pivot, and rises up in a straight line and throws it down with two hands. Simple and protected, but impressive because he managed to do it over three other dudes who were trying to stop him, one of whom was Anthony Davis.

Smith has far more words to spend on Phys Ed in the article. It’s nice to see the “other” Davis get recognition for a great display of power and will in a series that has lacked both so far.