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Blazers “Golden Girls” Saying Goodbye After This Season

A trio of long-time Blazers fans know it’s time to hang ‘em up, Nick Krupke of Fox 12 Oregon details.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are known for their die-hard fans. Blazers game are often a focal point in the community, with fans from young to old embracing pregame, postgame and everything in-between.

The “Golden Girls” are as dedicated as they come, but they have reached the end of their run together. Comprised of Virginia Burke, Brenda Nelson and Soosie Byrne, they’ve been a mainstay at the arena, Nick Krupke of Fox 12 Oregon details:

At 76, Byrne is the youngest, Burke is 87, and Nelson needs a hip replacement. So this 2018 season is the swan song for some of the most famous Rip City residents.

”Blazer games just won’t be the same without the Golden Girls. They just won’t,” said Jay Allen, radio host with Blazers Radio Network.

”There’s not question, no question about it. Maybe there is some time for them to reconsider. Maybe they get the offseason to kind of reconsider, regroup, replenish, refresh,” said Brian Wheeler, radio announcer for the Blazers.

The ladies will go out with a bang. They have booked a Texas trip through Dallas, Houston and San Antonio after Easter.

The trio has gone together to games since 2012. Burke and Nelson plan to keep going in a “spotty” capacity while Byrne is looking for new season ticket companions.

You can read (or watch) Krupke’s profile here.