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Trail Blazers Reach #1 Spot in Power Rankings

The team is ranked the best in the league according to two prominent media outlets heading into the week.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are on fire. They’ve won 13 straight games entering the week, and are clicking on all cylinders. They’ve also reached an impressive mark—the number one spot in both Sport’s Illustrated and CBS Sports’ weekly power rankings, supplanting the likes of the Rockets, Warriors and Raptors.

Rohan Nadkarni of SI is impressed with the streak, and notes the tough week ahead:

The Blazers have won 13 straight, so I can’t keep them out of the top spot any longer. I’m curious what long-term effects this streak (and this season) will have on Portland, but for now PDX fans should certainly enjoy the ride. The streak will certainly be tested this week, with games against the Rockets, Celtics and Thunder on deck. Portland could make a statement to the rest of the league if it comes out of that stretch unscathed.

Chris Barnewall of CBS Sports likes what he’s seeing out of Portland’s dynamic duo:

We’ve seen speculation in the past on whether the Trail Blazers should keep Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum together. They have two similar skill sets that overlap. Is one holding back the other? It’s a question worth asking, but right now those two are the reason Portland looks so great.

ESPN, however, isn’t ready to crown the Blazers top dog just yet, ranking them fourth. Matt Williams still can’t ignore how remarkable the team’s stretch has been:

The Blazers extended their win streak Sunday to 13 games, which is tied for the third longest in franchise history (their longest was 16 straight in 1990-91). Portland has also dominated during the streak, averaging an NBA-best point differential of 12.1 per game since Valentine’s Day, the first day of the win streak.

The Trail Blazers (44-26), host the Rockets Tuesday, the Celtics Friday, and take on the Thunder in OKC on Sunday.