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What Would the Trail Blazers Look Like with DeAndre Jordan?

If the Blazers made The Big Deal with the Clippers and took on Jordan, how would the franchise change?

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Dan and Tara take a look at what it would cost the Trail Blazers to trade for DeAndre Jordan, how the Blazers could utilize him, and whether it makes sense to go all in on him. They also review CJ McCollum’s 50 point game, Portland’s City jerseys debut, what having a stable of 6’7” wings can do for a team and more!


- Intro

-January review

- Rip City plaid, reviews

- Early week good, end of week never happened

- Damian Lillard vs the Raptors

- Why do the Blazers fall short vs Toronto

- What can you take from that game

- Which would you rather have, more offense or more defense

- Good Harkless makes an appearance

- When all else is equal, size matters

- Where there’s smoke, there’s... smoke

- Recalling Wade Baldin and Caleb Swanigan, does it matter

- What’s the reality for an NBA player that’s on the block

- Trading for DeAndre Jordan

- What would a deal for Jordan look like

- Is it worth it for the Blazers to sacrifice Nurkic’s potential for Jordan

- Understanding the fine print in a trade

- Opt in, opt out, Bird Rights and more

- Who would the Clippers be targeting in this deal

- Adding a 3rd team to the mix, who and what

- Most likely candidates to be shipped out

- Is Pat Connaughton safe

- Getting used to a player that dunks, the best kind of transition period

- Is it worth it for Portland to go in now

- Does Neil Olshey’s connection to the Clippers matter

- Putting on tin foil hats

- Ticking all of the boxes for a Neil Olshey acquisition

- Projections for the deadline

- Closing comments