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Has Damian Lillard Become a Top 10 NBA Player?

Lillard has been fantastic, historically so when compared to fellow Trail Blazers. Where does this put him in the current NBA pantheon?

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Phoenix Suns Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara and Danny take a look at Portland’s last 2 victories, break down Damian Lillard’s last half-dozen games, and discuss where Lillard ranks in today’s top flight players. They also discuss Jusuf Nurkic’s steady contributions, how to keep Nurkic motivated each night, the wide-open Northwest Division, and more!


  • Intro
  • Tara’s trip to Utah
  • Thoughts on the Jazz
  • Reviewing the Portland v Utah game
  • Maurice Harkless revival tour
  • Damian Lillard is awesome
  • Seriously, Damian Lillard is REALLY good
  • Damian Lillard’s past 5 games are the best series of games from a Blazer... ever
  • What’s changed that has allowed Lillard to go off?
  • Is Damian Lillard a Top 10 player right now?
  • The difference between a star and a superstar player
  • Appreciating how good Dame is right now
  • Dictating the pace/style of the game
  • Where mental aptitude reaches physical maturity- peak Lillard
  • The glory of a point guard put-back dunk
  • Why doesn’t Dame get triple doubles
  • Always bring your laptop to dinner
  • Jusuf Nurkic feeding off of Dame’s shine
  • The art of moving picks
  • Nurkic vs Rudy Gobert
  • Nurkic’s shooting woes falling by the wayside
  • Tara’s theory for Nurkic motivation
  • Appreciating Nurkic, flaws and all
  • Players in the Northwest Division dropping like flies
  • Jimmy Butler out for the Timberwolves
  • Advancing in the playoffs with an asterisk
  • Blazer’s Edge Night is here!
  • Looking ahead to the Timberwolves and Thunder
  • Closing comments
  • Outro