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Brooke Olzendam Describes NBA Life and Reporting

NBA injuries, the Blake Griffin Trade, Evan Turner stories...Brooke Olzendam gets into it all with the WHAT Podcast crew.

Cody Sharrett

This week we talked to Brooke Olzendam who is in her second season as sideline reporter for the Portland Trail Blazers. Blazers fans know her as a fun and funny reporter who is knowledgeable about basketball, tells a great story, and really has a wonderful rapport with the team and its fans.


Time stamps

1:13 NBA Injuries--Boogie, Andre, Kevin Love, John Wall, Marcus Smart, oh my! Are there more injuries or are the injuries just more high profile?

7:20 Blake Griffin trade: are the Clippers making way for LeBron? Do they have any chance of attracting him? What are they going to do with the next 4 years of his contract?What would it be like to be in on the elaborate free agency pitches?

15:15 Locker room dysfunction in Cleveland. Is Cleveland the new Dallas. Why didn’t someone just text Kevin Love? Where was LeBron James during this whole thing?

20:45 Brooke Olzendam grew up with basketball, her dad was a coach for 37 years. Defense wins games!

22:55 Path to the Trail Blazers: Root Sports, Pac 12 and Indiana Pacers.

26:37 Prepping Xs and Os as well as human interest stories

28:23 Welcome to the NBA moments

31:00 How do you prep your questions for the coach?

33:30 Women you admire? Sage Steele and Michelle Beedle

37:00 Relaxing with co-workers and watching basketball even on days off.

42:30 Who are other teams and players besides the Trail Blazers who are good to talk to?

44:32 Evan Turner story time


Examining Achilles Injuries in the NBA (In Street Clothes)

Basketball Reference 2018 Injury Report

Sources: Kevin Love takes heat from Cavs over illness, absence

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