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Should the Blazers Try to Trade for Trevor Ariza?

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report suggests a deal for Ariza centered around Moe Harkless.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns forward Trevor Ariza reportedly won’t last very much longer with the team as he’s seen as a player that will likely be moved after the Dec. 15 deadline (the date when this summer’s free-agent signings can be traded). Could the Portland Trail Blazers get in on a buy-low candidate like Ariza, who fills a desperate need on the wing?

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report thinks so, suggesting a trade of Ariza for Moe Harkless, Wade Baldwin IV and a 2021 second-round pick:

Certain teams know they won’t have first dibs on him following a buyout, and capped-out squads will see value in acquiring his non-Bird rights coming off a $15 million payday.

Count the Blazers as one of those ultra-specific possibilities. Ariza isn’t headed their way if he hits the open market, and they once again profile as a taxpayer next season. They aren’t getting him now or signing him later without a trade.

This offer shouldn’t be too rich for them. They use Maurice Harkless inconsistently when he’s healthy, and that future second-rounder is an incentive for them to pay Ariza beyond this season.

Do you like this trade? Would you welcome Ariza in Portland? Is there another target the Blazers should chase instead? Let us know in the comments.