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Has the Window for the Blazers to Make a Move Passed?

Tara and Dan fire up the trade machine on this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang try to make sense of the last few weeks, why the Blazers suddenly can’t defend the 3-point line, weird starts and bad endings to games, firing up the trade machine, the turn “against” CJ McCollum.



Opening Comments

0:20 Why can’t the Blazers defend the 3-point shot?

4:00 What is Kyle Korver known for doing?

4:25 What should you never do on Kyle Korver?

5:25 Tara agrees that Danny is objective, kind of

6:15 The lack of effort makes me want to pull my hair out

7:00 Doncic had to redeem himself after Aminu dunked the life out of him

9:30 I want to come up with a reason, but there’s not a lot of stuff outside of effort & decision making

9:55 Who are we to know what is creating this perceived lack of effort?

12:50 Portland hasn’t won a game trailing heading into the 4th quarter this season

13:50 Damian Lillard scores a lot in the 2nd half but what’s going on in the 1st?

15:50 Starting the game through Harkless or Nurkic

17:40 and now.... Back to back with the Warriors

20:40 Asking around about trade value in Portland, it wasn’t pretty

21:40 I’ve never heard the cries for a trade, this loud

23:30 Twitter questions!

24:00 Fire up the Trade Machine!

25:50 The way people talk about trading McCollum now is different

28:40 What are the options for Jody Allen or a prospective owner going forward

29:20 Spotting the next up & coming player and making the move

30:40 The team that keeps popping up around the league as a landing spot for CJ, Dallas

31:00 Does Harrison Barnes move the needle for CJ?

34:10 The market is not aligned for Portland to capitalize right now

39:50 Article on Ed Davis and being shocked about Ed Davis being let go...

40:30 How letting Davis go gave more opportunity to Leonard and Collins

44:50 Getting wrapped up in the role players and not seeing the bigger picture

45:20 Maximizing Leonard and Turner by optimizing their skills

50:20 Tweet for the optimists... what are you excited about?

54:00 Demanding more from the organizations

56:20 Tired of the same hamster wheel... I want a new wheel.

Closing Comments