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Day After Christmas: What About the Trail Blazers Would You Return?

The Blazers are cool, but not everything fits. We’re giving you the chance to return one thing about them for a full refund.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

They day after Christmas in the U.S. has become famous for returning gifts which didn’t quite fit the bill. Spouse bought that blouse in a juniors medium and it’s the color of compost pile? Take it back and get yourself something better!

Today we’re going to play the Portland Trail Blazers version. You see how the season and general team arc are going, for better and worse. What one thing would you return for a full refund?

Though store return policies are traditionally more liberal right after Christmas, our customer service department does have a few rules:

  1. ONE thing. We’re not going to take back the whole last ten years.
  2. We’d prefer it to relate to the current team, but we’ll take older items if you can show how the effect lingers even today, but...
  3. You did not keep the receipt on any centers drafted with the first overall pick. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges on those.

Events, people, characteristics, contracts...pretty much anything is OK to mention. Explaining what’s wrong with the item would be helpful.


While you’re at it, please help us send kids in need to see the Blazers play the Brooklyn Nets on March 25th! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

To donate tickets to kids for Blazer’s Edge Night against the Nets on 3/25/19:

Click this link or copy/paste into your address bar:

Enter the Promo Code: BLAZERSEDGE

Go through the purchase process just as if you were buying tickets for yourself.

If you order through this link with this code, tickets will be automatically donated and designated at Will Call with your order. No need to do anything else, it’s just that easy!

If you run into difficulty or wish to donate more tickets than the online service will allow, contact our Ticket Representative, Alec Botts, at 503.963.3926.