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Portland Trail Blazers Christmas Wishes, Part 9

The Blazer’s Edge Staff shares Christmas wishes for the Trail Blazers

NBA: Washington Wizards at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the Portland Trail Blazers head to Utah to face the Jazz on Christmas Day, the Blazer’s Edge Staff is compiling a list of Christmas wishes for the team. We asked each staffer to give one, simple wish to improve Portland’s lot. We’ll present them to you throughout the holiday.

Next up: Miles Custis

I thought I would get pretty specific in my Blazers wish list this year and wish for Otto Porter Jr.

Porter has missed some time recently with a vastus medialis injury, but the 25-year-old would be a great fit as Portland’s starting SF. The Wizards have been a mess this year with trade rumors swirling. Washington has already traded for veteran help in Trevor Ariza, and it’s not clear if they will focus on improving the team for a playoff push or blowing things up. How they play the next month or so may determine their trade deadline direction. Either way, Olshey should keep Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld on speed dial and occasionally text him highlights of Mo Harkless and Meyers Leonard.