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Portland Trail Blazers Christmas Wishes, Part 5

The Blazer’s Edge Staff stuffs the stockings of the Trail Blazers with special wishes.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

As the Portland Trail Blazers head to Utah to face the Jazz on Christmas Day, the Blazer’s Edge Staff is compiling a list of Christmas wishes for the team. We asked each staffer to give one, simple wish to improve Portland’s lot. We’ll present them to you throughout the holiday.

Next up...Danny Marang.

My wish for the Trail Blazers is that they would be bold.

Put everything but Damian Lillard on the table and see what falls from the trees. Consider the options and make a bold move with the present and the immediate future in mind. I want something to truly hope for and with this iteration of the franchise I just don’t feel like I have that. I enjoy this team. I root for this team. I want to hope for this team, but I just can’t in good faith do that anymore. I want Santa to bring me something new and shiny to look forward to the next few years alongside Damian Lillard.

Please. I’ve been a good boy. I swear.