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Portland Trail Blazers Christmas Wishes, Part 3

The Blazer’s Edge Staff stuffs the stockings of the Trail Blazers with special wishes.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

As the Portland Trail Blazers head to Utah to face the Jazz on Christmas Day, the Blazer’s Edge Staff is compiling a list of Christmas wishes for the team. We asked each staffer to give one, simple wish to improve Portland’s lot. We’ll present them to you throughout the holiday.

Next up is Ryan Sterling.

Wish: For a path to move forward

Explanation: I may as well be asking for a rainbow dragon that expels sunshine and marshmallows when it breathes. But like many Blazers fans, I am tired of the team ceiling being “second round if opponents have severe injury problems”. It’s insulting to Portland, it’s insulting to the fans, and it’s insulting to Damian Lillard. Anything to change the perception that the team cares only about the bottom line. Either tank the squad, get what you can for Lillard and McCollum, and be ready to be a lottery squad for the next two years, or go out and get a scoring wing that can push the team. This stuck in the middle act has been old for a while now.