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[Podcast] Trail Blazers should run the ball more through Jusuf Nurkic

Dan and Tara dive into what we can learn from the Minnesota win, just how good Damian Lillard is and how well Jusuf Nurkic has come into form this season.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers have won two in a row, are they back on track? Will Nurkic get a triple double this season? Why have Damian Lillard’s minutes trended upwards these last few weeks? Has the team turned over a new leaf or are those just turnovers? Your Twitter questions and more on the latest edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast.


1:20 Intro/Dan’s new toy/placing a bet in Vegas

7:00 Blazers vs Phoenix, a “must not-lose” game

10:00 What did we learn from the Minnesota game? Damian Lillard needs to be in the MVP discussion.

13:00 Physical Nurkic is tough to guard or score on.

14:30 Turnover troubles

16:30 Dan wants Nurkic to have the ball more. Alright then, who loses touches?

17:15 “Hero ball” sometimes works

19:40 Damian Lillard is on pace to get the record for season scoring average, surpassing Clyde Drexler.

20:45 Blazers went a whole game without giving up a 30 point quarter!

21:45 Debating Jake Layman vs Maurice Harkless in the starting lineup?

23:50 Seth Curry’s minutes needed to go to Jake Layman

27:50 Layman runs and runs and runs

29:15 Lillard’s minutes have trended up lately. With the difficult stretch coming it would be good for those to go back down.

35:00 Will point-Nurk get a triple double?

36:40 Have we seen the best and the worst of this team?

38:00 What is behind Nurk’s transformation this season?

42:50 Is the bench in a funk?

46:15 Have the Blazers turned the corner?

48:15 Jake Layman’s mustache story and random Sinead O’Connor talk.

51:45 Would you make a trade for Trevor Ariza “There’s not good reason for Ariza”.

54:30 What type of owner do you want to buy the Blazers?