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[WHAT Podcast] Checking in with friends around the league

Tara and Cassidy talk to Sabreena Merchant from Clips Nation and Silver Screen and Roll, and Jannelle Moore from Golden State of Mind.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the season is well underway we thought this would be a good time to check in with friends from around the league and find out how things are playing out for their favorite franchises (and also do a little under-the-radar scouting to find out what their weaknesses are).

First we talk to Sabreena Merchant who covers both LA teams. We learn what are the differences between Clippers fans and Lakers fans and do the Clippers fans miss any of the old Lob City players? On the Lakers’ side we hear about how LeBron is fitting in with his teammates who are closer in age to his kids than they are to him.

Then we visit with Jannelle Moore to find out what is really going on with the Golden State Warriors. She has thoughts about their roster construction and tells us why she appreciates some of the lesser known bench players. Then we hear her thoughts on the Draymond Green and Kevin Durant situation and if she thinks either of them are part of the long term future of the team.

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04:09 What were the expectations for the Clippers this season and how are people thinking about them now?

07:30 Fan favorites of the Clippers: Montrezl Harrell, Boban Marjanović

09:45 How are things going since Doc Rivers lost his role as the GM?

12:00 Clippers weaknesses: need someone who can score a lot when they face a really good defense. And they need a defensive center for the future.

14:30 What is it like when Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin come back to town?

16:00 What is the difference between Clipper fans and laker fans?

17:45 What are the expectations for the Laker fans?

23:00 How is the M.U.D. Lineup playing?

26:30 Intro- Jannelle Moore

27:00 It is hard to three-peat

27:45 Start without talking about Draymond Green and Kevin Durant

28:00 Weaknesses are the bench and the Center position.

28:45 A few gems on the smaller contracts that the Warriors have been forced to use because they spend their money on the big stars: Quinn Cook, Damian Lee, Alfonzo McKinney

30:30 The journey of guys like McKinney is fun to watch, even for casual fans.

31:45 How will DeMarcus Cousins fit in?

32.45 It seems like Kerr isn’t sure what he wants to do with Jordan Bell.

34:40 What do you make of Steve Kerr’s comment that this is the real NBA?

34:30 Is Kerr the Milli Vanilli of coaching?

35:15 Did Luke Walton leaving the Warriors have an effect on Kerr’s coaching?

36:30 The Warriors take a lot of time to let injured players back on the court, sometimes it feels like they are too conservative.

37:40 If the Warriors are going to be a dynasty, who are the younger players that they are developing to take over once their current roster ages out?

41:00 Draymond and KD situation.

43:00 What is the deal with the team suspending Draymond?

44:30 Did KD need an extra large hard hat when he toured the new arena construction site?

45:20 Three reasons why Jannelle thinks KD is going to stay. Tattoo clues!

48:50 What is the formula for beating the Warriors?

51:10 Some Seth Curry talk

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Music used in the episode: “Happy Alley” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License