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Rumor: Beal Heading Out of Washington?

Conflicting reports have the Washington Wizards guard possibly asking out of the nation’s capital.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The turmoil in the nation’s capital may not just be around Congress or Bryce Harper.

The Washington Wizards have been plagued with public chemistry issues for quite some time now, and now Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops has tweeted that star guard Bradley Beal wants out of town.

The news was refuted by Beal’s camp within the day, as reported by Charlotte Carroll of

“That’s nonsense,” Beal said. “I heard it earlier before the game and I was like if it ain’t come from the horse’s mouth, it wasn’t me. I got this Washington jersey on, I come out and work everyday until otherwise. This is where I want to be.”

Sheridan however doubled-down on his report.

Beal is averaging 22.1 points, 4.1 assists, and 4.4 rebounds per game for the only team he has ever played for. Over his seven season career, he has averaged 18.8 points per game. He was drafted third overall in the 2012 NBA Draft out of the University of Florida. He made the All-Star team for the first time last season.

The Wizards are currently 8-12, and in 9th place in the Eastern Conference. Several players, including stars Beal and John Wall have attacked teammates in the media following their slow start to the season. Beal himself claims other players “have their own agendas” and constantly complain, according to John Gonzalez of The Ringer.