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[Podcast] Which Team is the Real Trail Blazers?

Danny and Tara break down the week in the world of the Blazers on the latest edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Portland Trail Blazers Al Sermeno-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers are coming off of another tough week after suffering three big losses in a row. What happened to the team that jumped out to a 10-3 start? Are they still out there somewhere?

While waiting on word about Jusuf Nurkic’s shoulder injury we try to figure out which is the real Trail Blazer’s Team? Has the bench regressed? Where did the three point shooting go? Will Moe Harkless get the team back on track? How have the rotations changed in the last few weeks? We also answer twitter questions and remind everyone that its time to start donating tickets to Blazer’s Edge Night!


0:15 Meyers Leonard and Evan Turner: why are people still complaining about them?

2:20 How Zach Collins can work on getting fewer foul calls.

4:40 Thanksgiving

5:30 Paul Allen interlude

8:15 Blazers are probably thankful for many things like playing on a team full of good guys with a coach they love and respect. Happy Birthday Terry Stotts!

9:50 Rehashing the last 3 losses. How did they happen?

15:00 What has been different for the Trail Blazers over the last few weeks?

16:40 In 8 losses, Portland has won the 3rd quarter only one time.

18:10 What would the scouting report say about the Blazers right now?

20:00 Damian Lillard is getting the bulk of his assists to Nurkic this year.

21:10 Dan doesn’t like the bounce passes through two defenders to the rolling big. Tara disagrees, those passes are the best.

23:20 Dan’s plea: please guards, throw the ball UP to the big guys so they can catch it above people!

25:30 Tara is convinced that the problem in the Clippers game was almost entirely the fact that they lost Jusuf Nurkic in the second half.

27:50 What happened to the Blazer’s bench? Is this just a rough patch?

28:30 Rotations have changed a little bit, they have moved away from Evan Turner as ball handler.

30:45 Why aren’t we seeing much of Nik Stauskas lately?

32:30 Despite recent struggles this is still be best bench Portland has had in years. They might be doing things in the short term like giving playing time to Seth Curry that will pay off in the long run.

33:40 Seth Curry is really good at running a pick and roll.

34:50 Meyers is scoring efficiently, but how has his rebounding improved? Offensive rebounding is a new development.

38:50 Could Al-Farouq Aminu’s offensive woes be transferring to his defensive play? He seems to be a little less sharp in that department.

39:50 How frustrated is Dan with the team right now?

40:30 The Warriors have ruined the NBA in that they make 65 wins look too easy.

44:40 Seth Curry hasn’t hit a groove yet. He’s been in some three guard lineups but the Blazers give up a lot of length which they don’t really have to give.

46:20 Dan swears up and down that Seth is phenomenal in the pick and roll. Swears. Like, Lillard level good. Suggests getting Seth into the early offense.

47:30 What happens to Layman now that Harkless is back? Moe will need to prove that he should be getting the minutes. We will learn a lot over the next 10 games because the schedule will be really tough and Stotts will likely solidify his rotations. Harkless could really add much needed defense to the bench unit.

51:50 If Nurkic is out, should Collins or Meyers Leonard start?

53:40 It is a scary lineup of big men coming up.

56:10 Nurkic has matured beautifully into his role.

1:02:30 Dan hoping for a 2-1 road trip, most likely is probably 1-2.

1:04:30 Blazers Edge night, March 25 vs the Brooklyn Nets!