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Video: Lamar Hurd Reviews Blazers’ 1990 “Perfect Quarter” Against Spurs

In an ongoing series with Casey Holdahl, Hurd enjoys a rewatch of a Blazers classic.

Clifford Robinson

One of the Trail Blazers’ most successful eras was on the receiving end of the spotlight on Sunday. Lamar Hurd and Casey Holdahl took a moment to review the film for Portland’s stellar first quarter performance against San Antonio back in 1990. The game took place 28 years ago, and featured the Blazers jumping out to a 49-18 lead.

The Spurs returned the favor by outscoring the Blazers by 17 points in the second quarter. In the end, Portland finished with a 117-103 victory. With the win, the Blazers advanced to 11-0 to start the 1990-91 season.

David Robinson led all scorers with 26 points, but Portland had six players reach double-digit scoring totals.

You can view the complete box score by clicking here.