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Trail Blazers vs. Nets Highlights Blazer’s Edge Night, 2018-19

We’re sending more than 2000 children and youth to see the Trail Blazers play in March. Can you help?

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, the Portland Trail Blazers stand at the middle of a great confluence of events. They just defeated the New York Knicks in one of CJ McCollum’s best efforts of the season. They’re about to take on Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks in a potential game of the year (and NBA Finals preview, right?) Plus tomorrow is Thanksgiving. With so much positive going on in Blazers Land, it seems like the right time to announce Blazer’s Edge Night, 2018-19.

Blazer’s Edge Night is the evening when readers of this site welcome over 2000 children and youth (plus their teachers, parents, and chaperones) to the Moda Center free of charge. The vast majority of the participants would not be able to see a game without us. Their circumstances don’t allow it...neither the trip nor the ticket cost. But for one night they get to go with classmates, coaches, counselors, or foster families and experience the joy of Trail Blazers basketball on us.

We make this possible by purchasing group event tickets by ones and twos, tens and twenties. There’s no big corporate sponsorship. We don’t buy ads on TV. Instead we rely on people like you to contribute a ticket or two. Between that and a couple of amazing angels who always seem to pick up the loose tickets at the end, every year we manage to get those 2000 participants to the game.

We get nothing from this except the chance to share the goodness that we all experience with the next generation of potential to whom a night out means more than just a good time. This is community. This gives people an opportunity to feel like the world and all its myriad of people are working for them instead of against. It’s a testament that even small good things can be more powerful than all the negatives in life. Most of all, it’s a chance for these kids to be kids...just honest-to-goodness young people cheering their hearts out as Damian Lillard feeds Zach Collins for a break-away dunk.

This year’s designated game comes on March 25th against the League of Evil Exes Brooklyn Nets. The Blazers have reserved 2200 tickets for us. More of them than usual are at the $10 price point. That’s the cost of making someone’s year. In order to get over that 2000-participant mark, a couple hundred of the tickets are 200-level and are more expensive. If you have the means, please claim those too. I hope that together, between now and the end of February, we can reserve all 2200 tickets for kids who would go bonkers at the chance to see a game and adults who would give anything for the chance to take them.

Here’s the official flyer. You can click through it or follow the instructions below to donate tickets. Please consider it at Thanksgiving and during the holidays.

To donate tickets to kids for Blazer’s Edge Night against the Nets on 3/25/19:

Click this link or copy/paste into your address bar:

Enter the Promo Code: BLAZERSEDGE

Go through the purchase process just as if you were buying tickets for yourself.

If you order through this link with this code, tickets will be automatically donated and designated at Will Call with your order. No need to do anything else, it’s just that easy!

If you run into difficulty or wish to donate more tickets than the online service will allow, contact our Ticket Representative, Alec Botts, at 503.963.3926.

P.S. The Blazer’s Edge Staff will be there for the event. If the tickets go fast enough and we’re free to worry about other things, we might even organize a meet and greet surrounding it. This will be the 12th time we’ve welcomed kids to Blazer’s Edge Night. That deserves a celebration for all the readers and staff, eh?

This is the best thing we do all year...the thing that defines our community. Please help us get there.

—Dave / @davedeckard / @blazersedge /