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Anfernee Simons Praises IMG Academy for Making Him NBA Ready

Simons talks about how IMG Academy got him NBA ready with Ben Stinar of Amico Hoops.

2018 Hoophall Classic: Vermont Academy vs IMG Post Grad National David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Anfernee Simons has barely touched the floor yet for the Portland Trail Blazers, but he’s confident that he’s NBA ready. The 24th overall pick from the 2018 NBA draft, and former 5-star prospect, has been quick to praise his former school, IMG Academy, in preparing him for his professional basketball career, he told Ben Stinar of Amico Hoops.

“Just having that mindset of business mentality everyday,” he told Amico Hoops after the Trail Blazers beat the Pacers 103-93. “Each day I had to go in with the right mindset and wanting to get better, I couldn’t really take any days for granted, because it would go by quick.”

Simons also noted how playing at a prep school like IMG Academy after playing high school basketball is a viable option instead of playing in the NCAA for one year.

“It’s a good business move,” he said. “When I went there everybody was all professional. We had a good time, but when it came down to business, we had the business.”

With the NBA planning to offer a “professional plan” to prospects who don’t want to go to college, and want to make money by playing basketball in the G league, it will be interesting to see if other players take the route of going to a prep school like Simons.

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