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SBNation Wants Your Scary Sports Stories

Just in time for Halloween, share your frightening sports moments.

Shaquille O’’neal Lakers

Portland Trail Blazers fans have seen more than their share of heartbreak and, well...frightening stuff. As with marriage, childbirth, and most medical procedures after 50, if you knew in advance how much pain and squickiness was going to go along with it, you might have had second thoughts about getting into it in the first place, right?

Our parent network, SBNation, is soliciting your scary fan stories. They’re doing a Twitter version in six words or less, and they also have some longer-form ones. The Trail Blazers are under-represented right now. We figured that you could trump some of the submissions and/or just share your stories (of any length) in the comment section below.

(Hint: We found the scariest picture we could for this article to start you off. Boo!)