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Video Shows Magic Heckler Razzing Damian Lillard about Weber State

A fan in the Amway Center provoked Portland’s All-Star into a record-breaking performance on Thursday night. See what he said.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As reported last night, Damian Lillard’s 34 points in the second half of the Portland Trail Blazers’ 128-114 victory over the Orlando Magic—a new franchise record—came partially in response to a heckler in the stands of Orlando’s Amway Center. Today a short video surfaced on Reddit (extant on r/RipCity) from a Magic fan sitting next to the heckler. Here it is:

You can hear the heckler ask, “Does Weber State even have a degree?” There’s also cross-chatter about free throws, which Lillard acknowledged missing early in the game.

Today on Twitter the heckler himself claimed that the provocation was minor and limited to commentary on free throws. Clearly this was not the case.