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Zach Collins Adjusting to Life Without Ed Davis

The second-year big man is adjusting without the veteran by his side, Dwight Jaynes of NBC Sports Northwest relays.

New Orleans Pelicans v Portland Trail Blazers - Game One

Zach Collins and Ed Davis made up the Portland Trail Blazers’ backup frontcourt in 2017-18, with Davis taking on a mentor role with the rookie. Now with Davis on the Brooklyn Nets, the second-year player must adjust to life without him, he told Dwight Jaynes of NBC Sports Northwest:

“Without Ed I’m going to have to step up as far as noticing little things and not having his voice on the court to help me,” Collins said. “If I don’t know something, Ed’s over in Brooklyn and he can’t really get in my ear about something. But the good thing about this team is we have great leaders all the way down the line.”

You can read more from Jaynes here.