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Is Drexler Still the Greatest Trail Blazer Of All Time?

Bleacher Report’s Adam Fromal sees Drexler as the clear choice for Portland’s greatest of all time.

BIG3 - Week One Photo by Ronald Martinez/BIG3/Getty Images

The discussion of the greatest NBA player of all time will forever be a contentious topic for basketball fans. Once you break it down by team though, an obvious choice typically seems to rise to the top.

According to Bleacher Report’s Adam Fromal, Clyde Drexler is by far the greatest player in Portland Trail Blazers history, but with a caveat:

Injuries helped earn Clyde Drexler that sought-after freight-train status. Not maladies the shooting guard himself suffered, but the ones that cut short the primes of Bill Walton and Brandon Roy, keeping them from even sitting within the top 10 for win shares earned with the Portland Trail Blazers

During his time in Portland, Drexler averaged 20.8 PPG, 6.2 RPG, and 5.7 APG. He also sits as the all-time scoring leader for the Trail Blazers, easily edging out LaMarcus Aldridge and Terry Porter.

Fromal does admit that Drexler’s place at Portlands “GOAT” could be at risk if Damian Lillard continues his torrid pace:

Drexler is the weakest inclusion of the five freight-train GOATs, but he’s still the only person you should think about in the Rip City conversation. Unless Damian Lillard keeps playing like he did in 2017-18 for a handful more years, no one will touch his unquestioned status atop the pecking order.

LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett, and Reggie Miller joined Drexler in Fromal’s top category.

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