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Can You Send a Person in Need to a Trail Blazers Game?

Hundreds of kids are hoping to see the Blazers play the Sacramento Kings in February but they don’t have tickets yet. Here’s how you can provide them.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Blazer’s Edge is looking for help from 400 of our readers.

Each year around this time we send hundreds of kids in need to see the Portland Trail Blazers play in the Moda Center. Tickets are donated by people like you, purchased from the Blazers using our event page and given directly to teachers, principals, counselors, foster parents, coaches, and others who work with kids who otherwise could never hope to see a game in person. We create smiles and anticipation, memories and bonding. Tickets are inexpensive; their effect lasts long after the action on the court has concluded.

This year’s game is scheduled against the Sacramento Kings on February 27th, which means the deadline for ticket donations is a full month earlier than usual. The event has become popular, which means demand is higher than ever. In all the years of the event, we’ve not had to turn down anyone we’ve hoped to get tickets to. This year’s conditions might threaten that streak. Personally, I live in fear of the moment when, “If all goes as expected, you’ll be able to take your kids” turns to, “Sorry...they can’t go after all.”

Already, as of January 6th, demand for tickets has outstripped the number donated by about 800. That’s why we need you. We’re looking for 400 readers willing to donate two tickets each. If you can afford more, we’d love that...more are available to buy than just the 800 committed so far. You can send as many kids as you want. But if just 400 of you will donate a pair of tickets, we’ll be back in a safe zone and be able to tell the people who have asked, “Yes. Tell your kids they can go.”

Tickets are not expensive. This year the Blazers were able to get us prices that range from $12 to $28 each. If you have the means, go for the higher end ones that people donate less often. If you’ve only got a few dollars, those cheaper ones get kids in too! Either way, you know you’re part of a community that cares about more than just itself. You’re helping spread Blazers fandom and the experience of being inside an NBA arena to an amazing group of potential attendees.

This is what we do. This is who we are. Will you be a part of it?

Here’s the information. Thank you for being part of it, for becoming one of our 400.